Wednesday, July 22, 2009


You know, my children are out of town this week and I have had a lot of time to think, get things done and spend time with my Heavenly Father. I'm feeling refreshed and thought I'd share my thoughts with you. As a mama I am busy all the time making meals, cleaning up, teaching, driving, wiping bottoms, washing clothes...I could go on!!! Do you follow? I know you do because my whole clientel is mamas. I was listening today to one of the most encouraging and challenging Bible teacher I've ever known (Jean Stockdale ). She said once that mothering is a holy calling and it certainly is. It is not just a job but a chance to raise a child up to follow the LORD and not the world. Now that is a hard job but a wonderful one. I sometimes forget to sit back and enjoy raising my children because I get caught up in the whining and disobedience and hustle and bustle of it all. I have wonderful children as you do. Their laughs are amazing. It makes my heart smile when they remember their Bible verses or share a toy. I love when they jump in bed with me in the morning or share with me their newest and greatest accomplishments. It's amazing to see them grow and change and mature. OH HOW THE TIME GOES! As Mrs. Jean would say, these guys are my best work and my handprints are all over them. I love taking pictures. I love the memories. I love my family, but most of all I love the Creator of them all...


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